don’t tell me what I can’t do !!!

…I mean, I’m begging you, please don’t tell me what I can’t do.

Because If you say so, or slightly mention the word “challenge”, a complicated electrochemical reaction happens inside me, and I have to do it. It’s automatic. I’m in. Whatever it is. It could be an extreme ironing competition (yes, they exist and I can prove it!) …

extreme ironing

extreme ironing. by Phil Shaw

…or any kind of creepy thing. That’s how I ended up running a glamorous high-heel race (second place.Yes, Thank you), jumping into a winter- freezing ocean in my pyjamas to help some Tv contestant, or that super embarrasing bikini car wash that I don’t even want to remember.

So, here I am. Just signed for a 10k running thing. Me!! I love sports, but always thought running is a nonsense and I could never get it. I had to run a lot for my University exam cause it was Sports Science. And I had such a bad time doing it, that when that was over, in my best #Scarlett O’Hara impersonation, I screamed to the heavens “I will never run again”. Ever! That happened many years ago (nah, I won’t tell you how many) and here we are.

I don’t know what I was thinking when I signed up for this! 10kilometres is a lot!! And there is no way back! I have to do this!! So I’ve downloaded my training schedule.

Training day1: you are supposed to run 3miles. WTF?? first day?? no warming up? no researching about the History of running or something? Well, I was prepared the whole day for it, visualizing it. “As soon as I get home I will run”. I got off the bus and walked very fast to my house. That’s like 300 metres, but I was walking really fast. Then, I took the rubbish down to the street, and I forgot the rubbish bag (literally), so that was 40 stair steps, that I did running. First day was exhausting.

Training day2: I put on my dancing shoes (split sole) as I don’t even have running ones and headed to the park. Riverside. Beautiful. I could almost hear in my head that Rocky theme song and felt like invincible. And I run! Like Forrest. Run like a light. Feeling the fresh air in my face and avoiding the slow lazy walkers in front of me. Unstoppable. Proud of myself for being so healthy and fit. For 3km. 3km!!! and I was almost unable to breath! 3km!! I’m in trouble!

How the Hell do runners do it?? And why do they go back the next day and do it again?? Do they like the pain? And where do they keep the keys while they running? Is this all a Worlwide conspiracy and are they just pretending to breath normally?

I have another 6 long weeks to go! So wish me luck! I’ll keep you updated. I’ve already learned that #Running is definitely not for cowards. Uff!


Unspoken Words. Let’s get rid of them!

Robin Williams left us this week. Very sad news. I can’t say I was a super fan or a follower of him (though I Love a lot of his movies and he made me laugh a good number of times). BUT  I’m very impressed with the sense of real sadness and all the messages from fans around the World. Normally people tend to be cruel or judgemental in social media, but this time I’ve seen lots of Love and admiration. I was thinking it’s very sad that he won’t be able to read those tweets or feel that Love. I hope he had people around who let him know how important his job was, and how many people he touched with his comedy. Cause maybe he could have resisted a bit more. We will never know what kind of thoughts pass through the mind of somebody who commits suicide, how much pain they feel. But we can be sure that depressed or not, our time in this Planet is limited and our Exit unexpected, celebrities or not, happy as a pengüin or not.

All this made me think that it’s really important that we don’t allow words to be unspoken. How many times you thought about a conversation that never happened and how different things would have been if you actually have spoken? Maybe nothing, but how awful is that feeling of not knowing? I was the Queen of “what would have happened if…”?? I’m geting much better at it, but I have a massive collection of unspoken words. Because I was too coward to say something. Or I was afraid of a bad reaction.Or I just thought they know what I was feeling.

Showing appreciation to somebody is much more easy than we think and it’s very powerful. You don’t need to send a Love letter with a carrier pigeon or perform one of those tacky- spectacular flashmobs. You don’t need to wait for a wedding proposal or until somebody you love leaves town or till somebody dies and it’s too late to speak your mind. Just build the habit of doing it. It’s healthy and it’s fun.


You had a great dance class and you loved it. Well, just go and thank the teacher. Don’t just assume they know it because you were smiling. Just say it.

You miss a friend who is far away. Well, choose one of the million options we have these days and send him/her a text saying that. Just because.

Thank you, I love you, I miss you, You make me laugh, Thanks for helping me, etc.. And what they do with that, it’s up to them, not our business anymore.

Leave a Post- it, Sing it, Text it, Mime it (No, wait, No!! Don’t you dare to mime it! Please!!..I mean, use that as last option only… if you have to, but..).

So that’s it. Let’s be brave and let’s get rid of those useless Unspoken things.


2014 To Be list …

A toast:

To a New Year full of Madness, laughs, adventures, unknownness, invented words and Love.

To Runaway from the “Why me?” people and to run towards the “Why not?” ones.

To travel to the inside and to the outside worlds.

To Never again Holdback. To fully Succeed or To fail catastrophically. To don’t be boring.

To disconnect the I-phone and to connect the I-am-now.

To Feel whatever you feel. Feeling is Good!! Inner Bótox sucks!!

To dance, dance, dance.

To believe that YOU are enough (and amazing. The way you are. With all those weird things. Yes, even That one!)


To only move forward (backwards is only allowed for Moonwalking purposes).

To sing out of key.

To lots of Beaches and Piña Coladas!

To say what you mean and mean what you say. And don’t be mean!

To don’t assume. Ask is allowed.

To celebrate anything anytime.To wear your best clothes and don’t keep anything you don’t use.

To live like tomorrow is the Zombie Apocalypse. To don’t postpone!!

To risk to be uncombed and imperfect and a mess and who cares?

To believe in Unicorns!

happy unicorn

To look back at your Year and cry and laugh, and feel you did your best always!

To do lists like this one, and then burn them and go to live your life.

Happy New Year friends! Let’s All have an amazing 2014!!

and All That Jazz

Tick, Tick, Cross…

We are almost there!! Embarrassingly enough for all those Mayans and their calendar (sorry guys), we actually made it to 2013 and Hey, maybe to 2014 too.

So I was thinking about my New Year’s resolutions and I’m very surprised to discover that I’ve accomplished a lot of them. Hip Hip Hooray!!

It was quite a good year and looking at it now, a lot of good things happened. Probably some bad stuff too, but I can’t actually remember anything too bad. I’ve heard somewhere that ” If you look back on your year and nothing makes you cry or laugh, is a lost year”.

So I’ve been a bit more brave to go for the things I want. As a result, I’ve been fighting a lot more with people and lost some of them on the way, but also some other relationships got stronger. I’ve stopped trying to be perfect all the time and embraced my not so nice parts too.

I got back into acting training, got an agent, wrote this blog, pole danced, was able to feel whatever I feel and let it be instead of shutting it down, did a fundraising dance marathon for 6 hours and survived, and some unshareable ones too… so tick, tick, tick


Being adopted by Brangelina (cross)

Get the Australian Visa (double cross, as I tried twice)

Surf (cross)

Let know that guy that I’m totally in love with him (cross, damn it!)

Travel a lot (cross)

We still have a month to go, so I will do my best to finish my list. What about you??? Courage people!! Let’s show those Mayans how wrong they were and what an amazing year we’ve made of it.

Don’t push the Panic Button! Just say Yes and see what happens…

Every Autumn two things happen to me. First, the “Summer can’t be over, this is not happening!” whole thing. Why is always so fast? I spend the rest of the year waiting for Summer and never seems to be long enough. So, I lead the Summer Resistance and keep wearing flip flops until is almost snowing and my denial mode is no longer possible.

The other thing I do in Autumn is the whole “What am i doing with my life? thing”. Panic!! Maybe cause the year is almost finishing and I realize I haven’t accomplished any of my New Year’s Resolutions yet, and everything gets darker and sad. I wonder if you people living in a permanent Summer place have the same feeling.

BUT 2013 is different. I’ve discovered something new. I actually did accomplish a lot of my Resolutions, and step by step I’m getting more brave and honest in going for the things I want. And I’m back in acting and trying to believe I’m exactly where and when I’m supposed to be. Even when patience is not my best skill.

And here is the scary thing, by doing this year analysis I’ve realized that a lot of the stuff I’ve wished for, has actually come to me. But I didn’t take it, and I’ve pushed the Panic Button and managed to run in the opposite direction. Crazy! Why do we do this?? Why do I do this? So everytime something good happens, I enjoy it for a little while before my brain starts with its annoying list of doubts and fears and waiting for the bad news to come… Why?? Where all this comes from? How can we stop it?

So, you were waiting for that job call and when it finally happens… boom….I’m not ready for this, I’m not good enough, is not that good offer, they are going to hate me, I better stay in the same place, sounds to good to be true, bla, bla bla..

Or you’ve liked somebody for a while , but as soon as He/She shows some interest in you, you suddenly discover a list of 101 reasons why He/She is not good enough, or doesn’t exactly have the eye colour you love, and you better keep waiting a bit longer, because maybe THE ONE is travelling in your direction by Ryanair, and is just about to appear.

So let’s make a deal. Let’s Stop pushing things and people and opportunities away. Cause if we say No to them, then that chance will die there, and we will never know what happens next.

So, in the moment something good comes to you, even if it looks tiny, like a compliment or a chance to do whatever thing that scares you, just take it and think “What’s the worst thing that can happen anyway?” And push away all those “yes, but…”. Just do it.

Dear Panic Button, you spoil all the fun. This is it! I’m getting rid of you right now. Chau

10. Every time you listen to Mariah Carey, one Unicorn falls down dead somewhere

I knew the legend was true, but had never witnessed it like this before. My neighbour likes to play Mariah, full volume. I kindly let him know in the past (with a letter under his door) about the damage he was causing, not only to the MUSIC itself, but to the Planet, but he didn’t listen to me. And today, when I arrive home…..I found this.

I apologize for the cruelty of the images, but the World needs to know about this phenomenon. We need to Stop it!  There are only a few Unicorns left and we need to keep them safe.

Happily unconscious of what was coming….

happy unicorn before Mariah

…. After Mariah…sorry…I can’t even describe it ..

dead unicornpoor unicorn

Please!! Let everybody know. Unicorns need our help!!